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Photo Classes

Sunny Schick Camera schedules frequent classes on a variety of photographic subjects. Since our shop is rather small, our seminars are held in varying locations in or near Fort Wayne. Generally these classes are two hours in length, and admission is $25.00.


Recent classes include:

  • Getting the most from your compact digital camera - What all those settings are for, and why you might care.
  • Understanding your DSLR - Apertures, shutter speeds, menu choices
  • Intermediate DSLR photography - RAW, custom white balance, metering, HDR
  • Nature and macro photography - Equipment and techniques
  • Composition and light - Artisitic considerations
  • Critique night - Anaysis of YOUR images for technique and art


The best way to stay informed as to what classes we offer and when and where, is to join our email list. Our emails will also tell you about sales, new products, and photo-related events. Your email address is secure, and you can opt out anytime.


We welcome suggestions for future class topics. We want to know: What do you want to know?


Please join our email list - see Get on our Schick List below - to get emails when upcoming classes are scheduled. 


Upcoming Photo Classes


Upcoming Classes

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Charis House

431 Fairmount Place

Fort Wayne, IN , 46808 



Fox Island County Park

7324 Yohne Road

Fort Wayne, IN 46809




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